Meet The Teams

Hi, My Name is Fatur, Your Photographer & Operation Manager of

Hello my name is Fatur Listio Prabowo, A.Md.Kep, RN, CWCCA, C.HI.PSP, CNDM

Armed with my interest and passion for photography led me to establish with the hope of bringing laughter and jokes to all of our clients

My specialty is fine art wedding photojournalism where your photos are produced with elegant and soft colors that spoil the eye

I have experienced shooting for almost 9 years with local destinations in Indonesia and internationally

How about in the field?

Am I a stiff person? Noooooo

In fact, I can hardly take the photoshoot seriously there are always very cool jokes that come to mind

Be my best friend while on the field alright

Get in touch with me

Instagram – @faturlp

Email –

Hi! Call me Rico, your cameraman both for stills and motion picture production.

As a cameraman, I think of myself as having the superpower to freeze and preserve a moment in time. Both my photo and video work aim to showcase that desire; for you to look at something and be truly taken to the moment, feeling proud, joy, and immeasurable satisfaction looking at the photograph/clip of that moment.

I feel like a photo or video isn’t just something ordinary. It’s something you should be proud to remember and cherish; the true definition of a moment, well-captured.

Hello, my name is Iqbal Assegaf, S.Pd.
I live in Bantul, Yogyakarta.
I am currently continuing my master’s degree at the Graduate School of the University of Education in Indonesia.

I have a hobby of photography and videography. That’s also what made me work as a Freelance Photographer and Videographer at

During the photoshoot. Whether it’s pre-wedding or wedding, I try to make the client comfortable and enjoy moments of togetherness with their partner, so that the best photos and videos can be created.

Hi, My Name is Enisa, Your Photographer Assistant

She is Enisa Wahyuningsih, a Photographer Assistant at the,

Enisa lives in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

She is a student at Amikom University Yogyakarta majoring in Communication Studies.

She is friendly, helpful, hardworking and easy to get along with.