• Prewedding

    Ika & Fian – Prewedding Gumuk Pasir Yogyakarta

    If you came to Jogjakarta, you can take photos of your prewedding at Gumuk Pasir / Sand Dunes near Parangtritis Beach, it’s very beautiful here

    We suggest that if you want to pre-wedding in Gumuk Pasir, it must be really early so that we can get a beautiful sunrise

    Photos by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Wedding

    Yinta & Adi Matrimony – Yogyakarta

    Hallo kak, kita dari Photolagi.id punya cerita seru nih tentang pernikahan Yinta & Adi di Gereja Santo Joseph Bintaran Yogyakarta! Waktu itu kita jadi fotografer wedding-nya mereka, dan seru banget bisa ngerasain momen-momen spesial dari pasangan ini.

    Pas awal-awal kita masuk, Yinta lagi rias di kamar persiapan. Dia keliatan ceria banget dan kalem, kayaknya beneran menikmati hari spesial ini. Trus kita juga dapet foto-foto Adi sama keluarga dia, sibuk-sibuk nyiapin buat acara pemberkatan.

    Abis itu, upacaranya dimulai, dan kita fokus banget buat abadikan setiap momen emosional, seperti Yinta dan Adi jalan ke altar di depan semua orang.

    Pas mereka berhadapan di altar, kita foto-foto mereka sedang nyatain janji satu sama lain. Merinding banget rasanya, bro!

    Setelah upacara, kita langsung ambil foto-foto keluarga dan teman-teman mereka yang ikut resepsi di hotel. Acaranya seru banget dan bahagia, dan kita berusaha buat ambil semua momen indah yang terjadi.

    Kita bangga banget jadi bagian dari cerita cinta Yinta & Adi, dan foto-foto yang kita ambil bakal jadi kenangan indah buat mereka dan keluarga mereka. Semoga mereka bahagia terus yah, bro, dan foto-foto kita bisa jadi pengingat buat mereka tentang momen spesial di hari pernikahan mereka. Kita ucapin selamat juga buat Yinta & Adi, dan terima kasih buat kesempatannya jadi fotografer di hari spesial mereka!

    Gitu loh kak, kalo kamu punya acara spesial kayak Yinta & Adi, jangan lupa untuk booking Photolagi.id sebagai fotografernya ya! Kita bisa bantu abadikan setiap momen spesial dalam acara kamu, dan jaminan hasil foto yang maksimal dengan gaya fotografi yang unik dan kreatif.

    Untuk booking Photolagi.id, kamu bisa isi form di website kita dan isi data-data lengkap tentang acaramu, seperti tanggal, lokasi, dan kebutuhan fotografi apa yang kamu butuhkan. Tim kita bakal langsung hubungi kamu untuk membicarakan detail lebih lanjut.

    Kami juga selalu siap untuk menjawab pertanyaan kamu tentang jasa fotografi yang kita tawarkan. Jangan ragu-ragu buat kontak kami kalo ada hal yang pengen kamu tanyain, bro!

    Yuk, segera booking Photolagi.id untuk acara kamu dan buat momen spesialmu abadi lewat foto-foto berkualitas dari kami!

  • Engagement / Midodareni / Siraman

    Yinta & Adi Midodareni – Yogyakarta

    Midodareni comes from the word widodari or an angel who descends from the sky.

    This procession is carried out after the bride and groom perform the siraman ceremony, which is the cleansing stage for the two brides-to-be before the sacred day of the wedding.

    The Midodareni tradition comes from the legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawangwulan.

    It is said that from the story, the angels came to earth to visit the prospective bride who was sitting quietly in the room before the wedding night.

    Javanese people who hold this tradition believe that this is the night when angels beautify the bride to be more beautiful.

    The bride and groom do not sleep and are accompanied by their relatives and older relatives.

    She listens to the advice of his ancestors and female guests on how to lead a home life.

    This procession also contains prayers to the Creator for the prospective bride to be always given blessings, grace, and happiness.

    At this moment, Yinta & Adi both grew up in Jogja and worked in Jakarta

    However, they still chose to get married in the place where they came from, namely Jogjakarta

    Before the wedding day we witnessed the midodareni procession which went very solemnly and very smoothly

  • Prewedding

    Tria & Akbar Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    Distance is not a barrier between Tria and Akbar’s love, separating from the islands of Java and Papua can still prove to us that their love is truly sincere

    With this simple pre-wedding concept at KM 0 Yogyakarta, we also direct with candid and comfortable poses for them

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Prewedding

    Devi & Chandra Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    In this session, Devi tells our team to wear red traditional Javanese clothes for the pre-wedding session

    At first he had doubts whether it matched the very bright red

    But with the team’s direction and good makeup results from Elvany Makeup, Devi and Chandra were able to laugh when they saw the photos

    Less than 3 hours of pre-wedding session at the King’s Tomb Complex of Mataram Kotagede is very fun

    If you come to Yogyakarta and want to get a cheap and good pre-wedding location, this place can be used as an alternative if you want to get a thick Javanese feel.

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Prewedding

    Elsa & Ogy Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    The atmosphere of KM 0 Yogyakarta and the Malioboro area is indeed very attractive to local and foreign tourists who come to Yogyakarta

    This time Elsa and Ogy told our team that they wanted to hold their Yogyakarta pre-wedding session there with a casual atmosphere

    It turned out to be very cool to take pictures there, you can see the area of ​​the old building from the Dutch colonial era which is very famous

    We also suggest that if you want to take pictures here it should be done in the morning so that there are not many tourists passing by during the photo shoot

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Wedding

    Venti & Haga – Matrimony & Wedding – Yogyakarta

    Being friends for a long time and living in Jakarta didn’t stop Venti & Haga from getting married in Yogyakarta

    We were lucky to meet this couple, even before the D-day we discussed a lot about their marriage blessing

    At first we thought this couple looked fierce, but it turns out we were wrong

    They are so ridiculous, in all our photo shoots we were wrapped in laughter until their parents were shocked

    Venti’s makeup was beautifully wrapped by @hori_makeup and a very beautiful gown from @amrysophiagown

    This blessing was held at the Ngupasan church, Yogyakarta with strict health protocols

    Luckily at that very moment D’Monaco Restaurant was available for their modest reception

  • Prewedding

    Devina & Frans Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    Many people love to visit the Kotagede Tomb Complex to take pictures, especially for pre-wedding

    We can get an authentic Javanese feel here and it is most suitable to wear Javanese traditional clothes as a pre-wedding costume

    Our advice to take pictures here we have to come early before many other tourists fill the area

    In this session, Frans and Devina, at first they looked very awkward and couldn’t pose

    But after a few strange jokes the atmosphere can melt away, what a valuable experience

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Wedding

    Huda & Kafa Wedding – Joglo Residence Hotel

    Huda & Kafa carried out their wedding in a sacred manner and was only attended by the family with an outdoor wedding concept and very simple but elegant in the eyes of the viewer on the venue at Joglo Residence Hotel

    Huda is a man from Lombok, Indonesia who found love his of life in Jogja, namely Kafa

    At Kafa’s uncle’s wedding, Mr. Mahfud MD / Minister of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs of Indonesia came as a witness

    Photolagi.id is very lucky to be able to take solemn photos of their wedding

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    Bahasa Indonesia

    Huda & Kafa melangsungkan pernikahannya secara sakral dan hanya dihadiri oleh keluarga yang digelar di Hotel Jogja Residence dengan konsep pernikahan outdoor dan sangat sederhana namun elegan di mata yang melihatnya.

    Huda adalah seorang pria asal Lombok, Indonesia yang menemukan cinta hidupnya di Jogja, yaitu Kafa

    Di pernikahan paman Kafa, Bapak Mahfud MD/Menteri Koordinator Bidang Politik, Hukum, dan Keamanan RI hadir sebagai saksi

    Photolagi.id sangat beruntung bisa mengambil foto khusyuk pernikahan mereka