• Engagement / Midodareni / Siraman

    Yinta & Adi Midodareni – Yogyakarta

    Midodareni comes from the word widodari or an angel who descends from the sky.

    This procession is carried out after the bride and groom perform the siraman ceremony, which is the cleansing stage for the two brides-to-be before the sacred day of the wedding.

    The Midodareni tradition comes from the legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawangwulan.

    It is said that from the story, the angels came to earth to visit the prospective bride who was sitting quietly in the room before the wedding night.

    Javanese people who hold this tradition believe that this is the night when angels beautify the bride to be more beautiful.

    The bride and groom do not sleep and are accompanied by their relatives and older relatives.

    She listens to the advice of his ancestors and female guests on how to lead a home life.

    This procession also contains prayers to the Creator for the prospective bride to be always given blessings, grace, and happiness.

    At this moment, Yinta & Adi both grew up in Jogja and worked in Jakarta

    However, they still chose to get married in the place where they came from, namely Jogjakarta

    Before the wedding day we witnessed the midodareni procession which went very solemnly and very smoothly