• Prewedding Studio Gamplong Jogja

    Melia & Gelar – Prewedding Jogja by Photolagi.id

    Prewedding Studio Gamplong Jogja merupakan destinasi yang sering di kunjungi oleh wisatawan atau pasangan yang ingin melaksanakan prewedding di Jogja

    Studio Gamplong beralamatkan di Gamplong 1, Dukuh, Sumberrahayu, Kec. Moyudan, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55563 dan bisa kalian kunjungi pada hari Senin-Minggu dengan jam buka dari jam 08.00-17.00 WIB

    Salah satu pasangan yang ingin melaksanakan prewedding di lokasi ini adalah Melia & Gelar, meskipun terpisah jarak antara Bandung-Jogja tidak membuat rasa rindu mereka menghalangi tim Photolagi.id untuk membantu mereka dalam sesi prewedding ini

    Di Studio ini banyak spot prewedding yang cocok buat kalian yang ini mendapatkan suasana vintage ala-ala tahun 70-an yang sering muncul di televisi atau film

    Di sesi kali ini bersama tim Ellvany Makeup, tim Photolagi.id berangkat dari pusat kota Jogja menuju ke lokasi dengan jarak tempuh 19 KM / sekitar 30 menit dari Jogja

    Sesampainya setelah membayar biaya izin lokasi sebesar Rp +/- 400.000 tim mendapatkan akses ke lokasi vintage yang di gunakan sebagai lokasi syuting film Habibie & Ainun

    Di sesi prewedding kali ini tim Photolagi.id mengarahkan Melia & Gelar dengan sesantai mungkin agar mendapatkan feel yang retro saat kita memandang foto-foto mereka

    Berikut adalah foto-foto hasil dari jepretan tim Photolagi.id

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    Gamplong Studio is a destination that is often visited by tourists or couples who want to do pre-wedding in Jogja

    Gamplong Studio is located at Gamplong 1, Dukuh, Sumberrahayu, Kec. Moyudan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region 55563 and you can visit Monday-Sunday with opening hours from 08.00-17.00 WIB

    One of the couples who wanted to do their pre-wedding at this location was Melia & Degree, even though the distance between Bandung and Yogyakarta did not make their longing for the Photolagi.id team to help them in this pre-wedding session.

    In this studio, there are many pre-wedding spots that are suitable for those of you who get a vintage 70s-style atmosphere that often appears on television or movies.

    In this session with the Elvany Makeup team, the Photolagi.id team departed from downtown Jogja to the location with a distance of 19 KM / about 30 minutes from Jogja

    Arriving after paying a location permit fee of IDR +/- 400,000 the team got access to a vintage location that was used as a filming location for the film Habibie & Ainun

    In this pre-wedding session, the Photolagi.id team directed Melia & Gelar as casually as possible to get a retro feel when we looked at their photos.

    The following are photos taken by the Photolagi.id team

    For those of you who need the services of a pre-wedding photographer Studio Gamplong Jogja, you can contact us via this link

  • Prewedding

    Luluk & Endar Prewedding – The Amartya Hotel Yogyakarta

    Luluk & Endar adalah seorang perawat, mereka menemukan kami di Instagran dan bertanya kepada kami apakah bisa untuk melaksanakan prewedding di indoor di hotel The Amartya Hotel Yogyakarta

    Tentu saja, kami sangat tertarik untuk menjawab kegelisahan mereka

    Setelah berdiskusi secara panjang dan detail, kami menemukan sebuah hotel, yaitu The Amartya Hotel Yogyakarta yang menurut mereka sangat cocok untuk suasana indoor dan urban

    Di prewedding ini, mbak Luluk di rias dengan cantik oleh tim dari Ellvany Makeup, dan tidak lupa pula properti foto yang sangat bagus dari Stylized by Ata

    Luluk & Endar bener-bener puas banget dengan hasil dari Photolagi.id. Mereka bilang hasil foto prewedding mereka keren banget, lebih bagus dari yang mereka pikirkan sebelumnya. Kita seneng banget denger kabar kayak gitu, soalnya kepuasan pelanggan itu nomer satu buat kita.

    Selain hasil fotonya yang memuaskan, mereka juga ngerasa enak banget dan seneng selama sesi foto. Kita berusaha biar lingkungan yang kita buat itu asik dan enjoy, jadi pelanggan kita bisa tenang dan leluasa berekspresi.

    Kita selalu berusaha ngasih yang terbaik buat pelanggan kita, dan komentar positif kayak gitu bikin kita semangat banget buat terus naikin kualitas layanan kita

    Untuk kalian yang memerlukan jasa fotografer prewedding Jogja bisa menghubungi kami melalui link ini

    Luluk & Endar are nurses, they found us and asked if it was possible to do pre-wedding indoors at a hotel in Jogja

    Of course, we are very interested in answering their anxieties

    After a long and detailed discussion, we found a hotel, namely The Amartya Hotel Yogyakarta which according to them is very suitable for indoor and urban atmosphere

    In this pre-wedding, Ms. Luluk was beautifully made up by the team from Elvany Makeup, and don’t forget the very good photo property from Stylized by Ata

    In this photo session, the Photolagi.id team directs their poses in a relaxed manner and looks very fun

    Luluk & Endar are also very enthusiastic and also very cooperative in this pre-wedding process

    For those of you who need the services of a Jogja wedding photographer, you can contact us via this link

  • Engagement / Midodareni / Siraman

    Yinta & Adi Midodareni – Yogyakarta

    Midodareni comes from the word widodari or an angel who descends from the sky.

    This procession is carried out after the bride and groom perform the siraman ceremony, which is the cleansing stage for the two brides-to-be before the sacred day of the wedding.

    The Midodareni tradition comes from the legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawangwulan.

    It is said that from the story, the angels came to earth to visit the prospective bride who was sitting quietly in the room before the wedding night.

    Javanese people who hold this tradition believe that this is the night when angels beautify the bride to be more beautiful.

    The bride and groom do not sleep and are accompanied by their relatives and older relatives.

    She listens to the advice of his ancestors and female guests on how to lead a home life.

    This procession also contains prayers to the Creator for the prospective bride to be always given blessings, grace, and happiness.

    At this moment, Yinta & Adi both grew up in Jogja and worked in Jakarta

    However, they still chose to get married in the place where they came from, namely Jogjakarta

    Before the wedding day we witnessed the midodareni procession which went very solemnly and very smoothly

  • Prewedding

    Tria & Akbar Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    Distance is not a barrier between Tria and Akbar’s love, separating from the islands of Java and Papua can still prove to us that their love is truly sincere

    With this simple pre-wedding concept at KM 0 Yogyakarta, we also direct with candid and comfortable poses for them

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Prewedding

    Devi & Chandra Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    In this session, Devi tells our team to wear red traditional Javanese clothes for the pre-wedding session

    At first he had doubts whether it matched the very bright red

    But with the team’s direction and good makeup results from Elvany Makeup, Devi and Chandra were able to laugh when they saw the photos

    Less than 3 hours of pre-wedding session at the King’s Tomb Complex of Mataram Kotagede is very fun

    If you come to Yogyakarta and want to get a cheap and good pre-wedding location, this place can be used as an alternative if you want to get a thick Javanese feel.

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Prewedding

    Elsa & Ogy Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    The atmosphere of KM 0 Yogyakarta and the Malioboro area is indeed very attractive to local and foreign tourists who come to Yogyakarta

    This time Elsa and Ogy told our team that they wanted to hold their Yogyakarta pre-wedding session there with a casual atmosphere

    It turned out to be very cool to take pictures there, you can see the area of ​​the old building from the Dutch colonial era which is very famous

    We also suggest that if you want to take pictures here it should be done in the morning so that there are not many tourists passing by during the photo shoot

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

  • Wedding

    Venti & Haga – Matrimony & Wedding – Yogyakarta

    Being friends for a long time and living in Jakarta didn’t stop Venti & Haga from getting married in Yogyakarta

    We were lucky to meet this couple, even before the D-day we discussed a lot about their marriage blessing

    At first we thought this couple looked fierce, but it turns out we were wrong

    They are so ridiculous, in all our photo shoots we were wrapped in laughter until their parents were shocked

    Venti’s makeup was beautifully wrapped by @hori_makeup and a very beautiful gown from @amrysophiagown

    This blessing was held at the Ngupasan church, Yogyakarta with strict health protocols

    Luckily at that very moment D’Monaco Restaurant was available for their modest reception

  • Prewedding

    Devina & Frans Prewedding – Yogyakarta

    Many people love to visit the Kotagede Tomb Complex to take pictures, especially for pre-wedding

    We can get an authentic Javanese feel here and it is most suitable to wear Javanese traditional clothes as a pre-wedding costume

    Our advice to take pictures here we have to come early before many other tourists fill the area

    In this session, Frans and Devina, at first they looked very awkward and couldn’t pose

    But after a few strange jokes the atmosphere can melt away, what a valuable experience

    Photo by Photolagi.id

    Makeup by Ellvany Makeup

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