Marriage is a gift from God to humans, why?

We see many women and men who are drunk on love when they say their sacred marriage vows

It’s not all that easy

Many stories and sacrifices that we have witnessed and witnessed, as photographers we have a lot to capture for them, but we are very happy to live it

Not only for weddings in Yogyakarta, we have traveled a lot to help couples get photos that they will always remember

Thank you marriage warriors

Greetings for love and happiness

Our Recent Works

    • Mega + Fandani – Akad Nikah
      Pernikahan Mega & Fandani di Jogja bisa dibilang sangat sederhana namun terkesan elegan Kali ini tim beruntung bisa membantu Mega & Fandani untuk menikah Berkat tangan yang sangat terampil dari mbak Rani dari tim Omorfia Studio mbak Mega terlihat sangat cantik di hari pernikahan nya di Jogja ini Mereka menikah secara khidmat di sebuah KUA di Yogyakarta dan terlihat sangat sederhana dan sangat elegan, semua keluarga terlihat haru saat pembacaan ijab kabul Terlihat mas Fandani dengan lantang menyebutkan akad nikah di hadapan penghulu dan orang tua dari pengantin perempuan Dengan ucapan yang lantang tadi, Fandani dan Mega secara sah telah menjadi suami istri di mata agama dan negara dan terlihat senyum dan tangis pada anggota keluarga pengantin laki-laki dan pengantin perempuan Mereka pun mengadakan syukuran secara sederhana dirumah untuk merayakan pernikahan mereka yang telah dilaksanakan pada pagi hari tersebut Untuk kalian yang memerlukan jasa fotografer wedding Jogja bisa menghubungi kami melalui link ini Mega & Fandani’s wedding in Jogja it’s so very simple but looks elegant at their house. This time, team is very lucky to help Mega & Fandani to get marry Thanks to the highly skilled hands of Ms. Rani from the Omorphia Studio team Ms. Mega looks very beautiful on her wedding day in Jogja They married solemnly at a KUA in Yogyakarta and looked very simple and very elegant, All the family looks moved when listening to the ijab kabul. You can see Mas Fandani loudly mentioning the marriage contract in front of the headmaster and the parents of the bride With those loud words, Fandani and Mega have legally become husband and wife in the eyes of religion and state And seen smiles and tears on the groom’s and bride’s family members They also held a simple ceremonial at home to celebrate their wedding. For those of you who need the services of a Jogja wedding photographer, you can contact us via this link Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.
    • Yinta & Adi Matrimony – Yogyakarta
    • Venti & Haga – Matrimony & Wedding – Yogyakarta
      Being friends for a long time and living in Jakarta didn’t stop Venti & Haga from getting married in Yogyakarta We were lucky to meet this couple, even before the D-day we discussed a lot about their marriage blessing At first we thought this couple looked fierce, but it turns out we were wrong They are so ridiculous, in all our photo shoots we were wrapped in laughter until their parents were shocked Venti’s makeup was beautifully wrapped by @hori_makeup and a very beautiful gown from @amrysophiagown This blessing was held at the Ngupasan church, Yogyakarta with strict health protocols Luckily at that very moment D’Monaco Restaurant was available for their modest reception
    • Huda & Kafa Wedding – Yogyakarta
      Huda & Kafa carried out their wedding in a sacred manner and was only attended by the family which was held at Hotel Jogja Residence with an outdoor wedding concept and very simple but elegant in the eyes of the viewer. Huda is a man from Lombok, Indonesia who found love his of life in Jogja, namely Kafa At Kafa’s uncle’s wedding, Mr. Mahfud MD / Minister of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs of Indonesia came as a witness is very lucky to be able to take solemn photos of their wedding